Shoshone St. runs through the heart of Downtown Twin Falls and for a good stretch of it the speed limit is 25 miles per hour. My unpopular opinion is that Shoshone should go up to 35 miles per hour.

I guess I understand the speed limit going down to 25 MPH around the park, kids go and play there so it is like a school zone. But that's all that should be 25 MPH. When I first moved here I missed the speed reduction and accidentally would go through Shoshone at 35 MPH. Fortunately I never got busted.

There is enough traffic on that road and enough people who already go 35 MPH that it should go up to 35 MPH. It would make traffic go a little faster, the stop lights aren't so bad that people would run more red lights if the speed limit was a little higher. I guess I am not real sure why the speed limit gets reduced in the first place.

Maybe it is because there are so many events that go on around the park they would rather be safe and make the majority of the stretch of the street 25 MPH. If you look at Blue Lakes, it is 35 MPH and almost no one actually makes it to the speed limit. When you go down Shoshone you get stuck behind someone going 10 MPH or someone blows past you at 45 MPH. Let's split the difference and make the speed limit 35 MPH so the majority of people actually make it to 25 MPH.

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