The Twin Falls Zoo in the Magic Valley Mall is still definitely happening. There have been a few setbacks and you can actually help them get it up and running. They have so many animals to help educate people, it is going to be a great place when it gets up and running. 


The Twin Falls Zoo Is Still Happening

The Twin Falls Zoo in the Magic Valley Mall is still happening. The construction part of the building has been finished, which is a huge step forward. That means that the bones of the zoo are ready to have additions. However, they are having a few setbacks and need some help.

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What The Zoo Is Missing

Right now, due to things like material shortages and delays, they do not have everything they need for all the enclosures. If you don't have secure and safe places to put the animals, you can't have a zoo. And they have over 100 exotic animals that they have been caring for throughout the entire process.


How You Can Help The Zoo

The zoo is looking for sponsors and donors to help build the remaining exhibits that they need. They are also looking for people who can help with advertising opportunities, volunteer work, and more. If you are interested in helping, they will find a way for you to help. If you are someone that can paint, they are looking for volunteers to paint the exhibits.


What About Current Season Pass Holders?

Your season pass will be honored as soon as they have the zoo open. You can still get season passes as well. That helps them get closer to moving forward as well.

If you are looking to help them out you can contact them at or go to their Facebook page. You can check out their website as well.

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