The "Twin Falls 'Rocks'" group is dedicated to painting and hiding rocks throughout the valley for people to find, and maybe get them to smile. One woman's request on the back of a painted large rock is so sweet.

The painter put all of the names of her children and grandchildren on the rock with a request taped to the back of it.

"My children and my grandchildren are my world, I want them to go far but I only have this rock with their names. It can be taken by car. Let their names see the world and post where they've been? Let the world know they were loved and will be loved forever and ever Amen. Post a picture in Twin Falls Rocks on Facebook for everyone to see. For the world, my children, grandchildren and me."

twin falls rocks redone 2

Some are reporting that it has so far made it's way to Idaho Falls. If you see this rock, maybe take it with you on a grand adventure!

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