A downed traffic light at Washington and Addison is causing significant traffic delays.

Twin Falls City officials are asking Twin Falls motorists to avoid the intersection at Washington and Addison.

Accident Damages Traffic Signal at Five Points Intersection

Early Tuesday morning, an incident occurred at the intersection of Addison Avenue and Washington. A vehicle lost control and slid into a traffic signal pole on the south side of the intersection at Washington and Addison. This accident has significantly impacted the traffic flow in the area.

City's Response to the Incident

Following the accident, which was reported to the city at approximately 3:30 a.m., the City Street and Engineering Department staff have been diligently working to repair the damaged support poles and restore the traffic signal to full operation. In the interim, the signal has been converted to an all-way stop, with some lane restrictions in place to ensure public safety.

Commuters Advised to Exercise Caution

Commuters using this route are advised to seek alternative paths, if possible, to avoid congestion and delays. Those who must travel through the intersection are urged to exercise caution. The city expects to complete the repairs and have the traffic signal fully operational by the end of the day. This swift response aims to minimize disruption and ensure the safety of all road users in the area. We'll keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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