Getting a tattoo is such a personal experience. Most people seem to want something unique, yet just about everybody goes to the same internet sources like Google Images when they get art done. Twin Falls artist, Alen Heric, explains the best way to get a tattoo that's unique to you.

First of all, Alen talked about how he got started.

Alen Heric: "Actually, my dad used to be a photographer and my uncle was a painter, also. So, I kinda wanted to follow in their footsteps one way or another...I just like the wonder and the mystery of being good at art and art in general and I just want to be a part of that as much as I can."

What's the process of getting a tattoo like?

Alen Heric: "It's pretty different every time. Preferably, I like when people come in. They want a specific kind of tattoo and they kinda have some ideas and some pictures they like and stuff. They show me what they like and I bounce ideas back and forth. And, afterwords, I show them what I'm kinda thinking and kinda what I think they would like. Usually, 90% of the time, they like the ideas I'm bringing forward and if not, we go with what they want."

Is the Internet the main source that people go to for tattoo ideas?

Alen Heric: "Yeah, usually with the Internet, it makes it easier to find what they like. It seems like everything is on the Internet now-a-days, so it's cool and there's a lot of variety and people get a lot more options of what they can look at and what they can come up with and get tattooed on them. I think that's kinda cool...People can type in whatever they want on Google and get a good idea. Even with the images they do bring, it's cool to make up your own and kinda just look at it as a reference and come up with your own kind of work. That way everybody has a unique piece and everybody's not walking around looking like they got stamped (laughs)."

For more info about Alen and how to get a unique tattoo, check out his profile on the WarmArt Tattoo & BodyPiercing website

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