According to ABC News Eric Hartsburg is a 30-year-old part-time professional wrestler in Indiana . . . and he came up with a way to raise extra cash.

He auctioned off a five-inch-by-two-inch space on the right side of his head . . . next to his eye.  And the bidder on eBay got to choose the tattoo that would go there.

Eric actually ended up turning down the highest bid . . . because the bidder requested something lewd.  He wouldn't say what it was, but the rules for the auction specified that the tattoo couldn't be racist or offensive.

The second-highest bidder was a Republican, who paid $15,000 to tattoo a MITT ROMNEY campaign logo on Eric's head.  It's a red and blue R. 

Eric said he was cool with the choice, because he's a registered Republican.  Now he's planning to auction off space on his forehead . . . but he says he won't get an O for BARACK OBAMA

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