I was actually surprised when I heard that some people think chili is not authentic if it contains beans. I have always enjoyed beans in my chili. In fact, I am not sure I have ever had a home made chili that did not have beans.

When I was growing up my grandma made the best chili in my opinion. It wasn't super thick, it was almost like a soup. But I remember being able to eat a ton of it and it always had beans.

If you are in Texas, they say that there is no way that beans should be in chili. Everywhere else it could go either way. One of my coworkers said that it can't be chili WITHOUT beans. One of my other coworkers said that if there are beans in chili then it is NOT true chili.

Then there is that completely third person who says that they are both chili and all you have to do is differentiate by saying you want chili or you want chili with no beans, but both are chili. And if chili with beans isn't REAL chili then what is it called? Fake chili?

Does it really matter though? I am curious if it is as big of a deal as the argument that ensued over the discussion in our office. As long as it tastes good it is something that I want to eat.

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