We have had this debate around the office and on the air throughout the day today. Because, we only argue important things like this. Is camo a color or a pattern?

I say very much so it is a pattern. You can get different colors in the pattern of camouflage and you can also get different patterns of camo. Muddy Girl is famous for their pink and purple camouflage. There is hunting camo that can be different shades of green, white, brown etc. So help us settle the debate. Is camo a color or is it a pattern?

I understand the sentiment behind the "color" argument though. Camo green is in fact a color, but so is army green and what not. There is also argument that when you describe camo you know what it looks like, but I would say that it is the pattern that is the most distinguishable aspect of the clothing.

I have no idea how or why we got into this argument but it is a fun one. I dare say more hunters are probably going to vote that it is a pattern because there are so many different patterns and colors of camo.

Maybe it is technically both? But who wants to play a game where everyone is technically correct. That is no fun. Let us know what you think and take our poll.

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