We could all use a little encouragement right now. A Twin Falls singer released a song about the Coronavirus and how we are all in this together. Check it out for yourself.

Cortney Potter lives in Twin Falls and is an aspiring singer. She has auditioned on American Idol and also runs Misfits Red which is a fashion site. She is quite talented and the song is an original.

You have to admit this is all pretty much how we are feeling right now. There is so much extra time on our hands, we aren't supposed to go outside and we can't wait until we can all actually be together again.

If you have been on Facebook you have probably seen some of Cortney's handy work. She is always doing something from running fashion shows to creating her own music and trying any way she can to help out the community. She is always super positive and promoting positivity wherever she goes, especially for women and body issues. She is a mom and I have no idea how she has managed to do everything that she has accomplished.

She will be rebuilding her MisfitsREDline to rebuild the community and give back to local businesses in August so keep an eye out for that. All proceeds collected during her showcase will go back to the community.

In the meantime listen to Cortney, wash your hands and stop hoarding all the toilet paper.

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