The internet has created its own language celebrating dogs, doggos, puppers, floofers or whatever you want to call them. We love our dogs and there is no doubt that they should have their own day.

So Happy International Dog Day! If you want to make everyone's day a little better go ahead and share pictures of your dogs. I have three dogs and I love them so much. They are definitely my "children" and I know a lot of people who are the exact same way.

I am kind of curious if everyone has pet names for their dogs. For me, every single dog that I see, no matter how old or young, is a puppy. All dogs are puppies. I will occasionally call a puppy a doggo. I call each one of my dogs something different as well. One of them is a floofer and I love to poke his snoot. Dog people totally understand everything I say here.

So what pet names do you call your dogs? If you are looking to adopt another furry friend, because in my opinion there is no such thing as too many dogs, the Twin Falls Animal Shelter has a ton of options. To each their own, but I have promised myself that every dog that I get will be rescued from a shelter. Though I love all dogs equally.

And if you do have a puppy and it is anywhere near me, you better believe I am going to come up to you (ask permission of course) and try to pet your puppy. All doggos are good boys and girls and need heckin' smooches on the snoot.

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