It is unfortunate that not everyone gets to be home with family on Christmas Day. That being said, there are still restaurants open on Christmas Day if you want to go out and about with family or just get a quick meal.


Perkins in Twin Falls is open for Christmas. They are pretty much open all the time. However, they do have reduced hours.

Black Bear Diner

They have reduced hours on Christmas but you can still go on in there and get a good meal.

Jasmine Thai Cuisine

This restaurant will be open 11 am to 9 pm, their regular business hours. This is located in Downtown Twin Falls where Prasai's used to be.


Denny's is open 24-7. They never take a day off. So if you are craving a Grand Slam Christmas morning, you can get yourself one.


The International House of Pancakes is also open 24-7. They will be open all day on Christmas during their normal business hours.


There seems to be a diner theme. Shari's is open on Christmas Day. I hear they have some really great coffee along with some delicious food.

Jack In The Box

Sometimes you just have to hit a drive thru on Christmas Day. Not everyone celebrates Christmas with big home cooked meals. A drive thru for lunch or dinner at Jack In The Box is a great option.

Carl's Jr

Carl's Jr is also open for Christmas. I do not judge anyone that wants to hit a drive thru on Christmas.

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