It’s a curious thing. People like to go out and eat to have something they can’t get at home, but their go-to restaurants tend to be the ones that make them feel at home.

I grew up in New Mexico. Half my summers were spent in Texas with my Dad’s family and many things were breaded and fried. The other summers were spent in Quebec, Canada with my Mom’s family and English fare that was batter dipped and fried. Meals at our house were rather eclectic, confusing, and evidently fried.

It would seem that I have forced my family into the same kind of conundrum. Our daughter has grown up in Idaho, but her Dad is from New Mexico and my cooking has the odd history I mentioned. How does she decide what feels like home cooking?

Which Twin Falls Restaurant Feels Most Like Home?

For flavor and ambiance, I’m going to have to go with 9 Beans. The heat is definitely not the same, but the flavor is good and the aura feels similar enough for my husband and me to be mollified until we can venture back to New Mexico for our next eatcation.

Other home cooking has to go to Idaho Joe’s. There’s enough there that tastes like visiting Dad’s family to make it passable. The biggest difference between Idaho Joe’s and my Granny’s house is I don’t have to rid the dishes. I asked our listeners and was confirmed on the Idaho Joe’s, but wait, there’s more.

Norms Cafe is quite popular on the home front. They are a definite place to take family when they come to visit and I don’t feel like cooking. Okay, they’re great for just me when I don’t feel like cooking either.

Depot Grill made a strong showing. The fried chicken is one of my personal favorites. The Train Wreck Challenge is always an interesting sight to behold.

Buffalo Cafe is a staple for breakfast and lunch downtown. If you want just a couple of eggs and toast with hash browns or maybe a patty melt low-key and tasty, they’re pretty great.

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Seems like I’m feeling pretty at home no matter where I go in Twin Falls. Maybe I’ll never have to cook again. They aren't completely like home though, these places do tend to frown upon food fights.

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