The news has been depressing lately, especially when it comes to restaurants. Many chains are filing for bankruptcy, closing locations, and some going out of business altogether. If you are a fan of these places, it is heartbreaking to see, and it sadly isn't slowing down anytime soon. One of the states being hit the hardest by these closures is California. It could be due to having more locations than most states, it could be a lack of profit at that location, or it could be other factors. There are more restaurants set to close this year, and it may leave some making adjustments to where they get food in the Golden State. 

Cracker Barrel Closing in California

Cracker Barrel does not have many locations in California, which is why when one closes, it is a bit surprising and alarming. Recently, two locations closed in Northern California, in Sacramento and Santa Maria. It doesn't appear that the chain is going out of business, but that the stores weren't performing as the company had wanted. Hopefully, there won't be any more closures moving forward. 

Chili's Locations Closing in California

Chili's has been a mystery lately for many who follow restaurants closing across the country. They have previously closed locations across the country, but appear to be far from filing for bankruptcy. Nobody seems to know for sure what their plans are moving forward, but one store did close in the Golden State recently in Irvine. One store should not be enough to sound the alarm, but it is something to monitor going forward. 

Applebee's Shutting Down in California

Credit: Kerri DiSalvatore/ Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley
Credit: Kerri DiSalvatore/ Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley

Applebee's is looking to close locations nationwide, specifically those that are underperforming by company standards. With so many locations in California, the Golden State was bound to see one or two close. One recently closed in Antioch, and it is yet to be seen if any other locations in the state will follow, but don't be surprised to see one or more shortly close as well. 

Say Goodbye to MOD Pizza in the Golden State

MOD Pizza has seen more than 25 stores close nationwide, with California taking the bulk of that hit. Five different locations have closed already this year, with the potential of more by the end of 2024. While no exact reason was given, it is speculated that the increase in the minimum wage for fast food workers played a factor, but that is yet to be confirmed. 

TGI Friday's Closing in California

Credit: Viktor Forgacs™️ on Unsplash
Credit: Viktor Forgacs™️ on Unsplash

TGI Friday's has been hurting this year and decided to close over 30 locations nationwide. The reasoning was that these locations were underperforming, as many on this list have claimed. While California wasn't hit as hard by this chain as others, it did see a store close in Fresno this year. Hope is that this will be the only location in the Golden State, but the year has a ways to go still. 

Red Lobster Closing Stores on the West Coast

With Red Lobster having filed for bankruptcy and announcing the closure of over 80 different locations, California was bound to see a few close, and they had to say goodbye to 6 locations. Locations in San Diego, Sacramento, Torrance, Montclair, Freemont, and Rohnert Park, all closed their doors. The good news is that there are still Red Lobsters in California, although you may need to drive a little further to go to one. 

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The good news is that most of these above are still in business, but they likely are not the last ones to close in 2024. This list will grow throughout the year, and the places above could close more locations by the end of the year. If you enjoy a place nearby, continue to eat there and support it, because it could be gone before you know it. 

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