Just in case you and the kids missed it, this warms my heart. Twin Falls Police Officer Kraft decided to do a virtual read along for Twin Falls families of "Rainbow Fish".

If you missed it, check it out for yourself. Officer Kraft did a pretty great job if you ask me.

I hope this is something Twin Falls Police start to do on a regular basis during these times. I love how involved and caring our law enforcement is with the community. They show their human side and make a relationship with the community based on more than "they pulled me over" or "the person that we only call when there is trouble". These men and women go above and beyond in the area and it warms my heart to see things like this.

Little things like caring, kindness and love are all free and more contagious that this virus. It is what we need right now and our law enforcement is once again leading by example. It seems like such a small gesture but it can mean so much to so many people.

Not to mention Officer Kraft chose one of my favorite books to read from my childhood. I even had the coloring book version of it when I was a kid. Great memories made and these are the things we should be focusing on right now. Thank you Twin Falls law enforcement.

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