Twin Falls has a pet waste removal company called "Steppin' In It" and you don't realize how intense of a job this can really be.

It is no secret that I have four large dogs in my home, so out of curiosity I called "Steppin' In It" to get a quote on prices and to see what the job actually entails, and let me tell you I learned a lot.

Chardon, the man who runs the company, came to my home to give me a quote and told me everything they do. Because they go from home to home, they make sure they disinfect and sanitize everything, and I mean EVERYTHING! They even sprayed down the bottoms of their shoes to make sure there is no chance that they could carry any diseases from one home to another.

steppin in it

They charge $15 per visit, and that will vary depending on the situation, but again, I have four big dogs and that is what they are charging me. The first visit to make up for all the winter time lack of cleaning was $35, but that also varies.

I found them to be very efficient, texting me when they were on the way, I did not have to be there while they did it, they double checked that the gates were shut and they informed me when they left.

Who knew pet waste removal could be so intense, but "Steppin' in it" proved that it is very serious business.

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