The McRib is coming back for 2020, not just in Twin Falls, but nationally on December 2nd. Mark your calendars if you are actually excited about it.

According to reports, this is the first time since 2012 the McRib will return to menus on a national level. That means the McRib will be back in Twin Falls on December 2nd. Am I the only one that actually thinks this is a bad idea? I mean, if you actually like the McRib, I am excited for all three of you.

I honestly don't know a single person that thinks the McRib is the best thing ever. I am wondering if it is a nostalgia thing, a limited time I have to have one thing or if people actually like it. I have to admit, I have to try it almost every time it comes out just to see if I miraculously like it this time around. I never do, but you know I am going to try it again.

We aren't sure how long that the McRib will be back on menus, it is always a limited time so make sure you get to McDonald's around December 2nd. Also, let us know if you actually like it, and if the flavor and texture has changed. The texture is what always gets me. Wednesday, December 2nd, because 2020 wouldn't be complete without the McRib.

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