Attention experienced mountain bikers; Twin Falls has a new bicycle shop that sells Santa Cruz bicycles. They are the only one in Twin Falls to sell the brand, but they have other bicycles, tailored more for experienced riders, as well.

I am not a mountain biker in the slightest, but these bikes look pretty cool. If I was talented and coordinated enough I might try it. If you are already an avid biker, you may want to see the different bikes Fantom Cyclery has. I am not sure what makes a mountain bike good or bad, but I am assuming these are high quality bikes that won't wear out easily.

I have never spent more than a couple hundred dollars on a bicycle. Again, not a mountain biker. Admittedly even though I can get on a bike and ride one, I wouldn't consider myself "knowing" how to ride a bike. I know just enough not to fall on my face every few minutes.

These bikes are pretty pricey, in my opinion. Though I am sure they are comparable for high quality bikes. You don't want something that is going to break on you in the middle of the mountains. They also have road bikes and E-bikes. I thought an E-bike maybe was electronic, but I was wrong. It's just an even cooler more rugged bicycle.

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