I grew up no where near a Build A Bear, I never did get the chance to build my very own stuffed animal. At Twin Falls Hands On, you may not be able to have the official "Build A Bear" but you can do a bear build of your own buddy.

I reached out to Twin Falls Hands On and they let me know that as of Saturday August 10th, you can now go in there and create your own at their Bear Factory. It looks like there are unicorns and monkeys and all sorts of friends available. They had a kick off party August 10th, but now you can walk in there any time with the kids (or just yourself, we won't judge) and build a buddy all your own.

The price starts at $10 for the base buddy. That comes with your ability to stuff it by hand and give it a special heart. They also have options for special outfits for an additional cost. Looking back I probably would have been ecstatic to create my own monkey in a cowboy outfit or a stuffed husky with a holiday hat.

Anyways, you can make parties for the kids as well. Bring them all in and reserve a chance for them to create their own little guy or gal, whatever they say it is I guess.

Hands On is located at 147 Shoshone St. N and you can go in there during regular business hours. Give them a call at 208-736-4475. You can also email them at handsontf@gmail.com.

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