The maker of one of the world's most popular treats has announced that it is halting production of holiday-themed goods through February of 2021, which means Halloween, Christmas and Valentine's Day will pass without the familiar sugar combination on store shelves.

With just six weeks to go until Halloween, the maker of one of America's most consumed marshmallow treats has thrown the production towel in on the remainder of 2020 holidays due to fears over the Coronavirus, according to details shared by The company is said to be focusing on reviving its brand in time for Easter of 2021.

Just Born Quality Confections is the maker of Peeps, among other popular candies. The Pennsylvania company also produces Mike and Ike, Hot Tamales, its own brand of jelly beans and other confections. It appears that Peeps are the only product that Just Born Quality Confections will not be making for the next five to six months.

An exact reason for the decision wasn't made clear, but the obvious one is that the company likely fears taking a substantial sales hit. It's unclear just how negatively the current pandemic will alter people's attitudes and spending habits over the upcoming holidays.

A recent Twin Falls poll found that nearly a quarter of respondents are either not planning to participate in Halloween, or have made the decision that trick or treating should not be encouraged. So, I think it's a safe assumption that candy sales nationally will be way down over the next three months.

While many people, including myself, may not be regular consumers of the marshmallow treat, the Internet is full of those who love the brand. I couldn't believe the number of people who upload Peep-related videos.

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