Urban dictionary is a fun place to find obscure definitions of words you probably already know the definition of. Out of curiosity, we searched Twin Falls in the search engine and boy did it get railed on in the definitions.

Either these definitions were written by someone from every other small town in America or by a disgruntled person who did not embrace life here. No matter what, these definitions are kind of true but mostly savage.

The top definition for Twin Falls is: "A place where your last name means everything. If you're not from Twin Falls, your parents aren't from Twin Falls, and your grandparents aren't from Twin Falls, you don't matter."

Now, I am not sure about the "you don't matter" part, but people here that have always had family here do seem to know everybody and everything. There are a lot of lifers here.

Some of these definitions are insanely savage! One particularly disgruntled person went incredibly specific but I am not sure I can repeat it. Some of the others are "A place where one can get a degree from the University of Idaho, short of returning to Twin Falls to pursue a career in insurance, high school teaching or knowing somebody." Man, ouch! Brutal.

The most brutal has to be "A great place to live (if you have never lived anywhere else)." I have lived lots of places and I love Twin Falls thank you very much.

Check out all of the definitions here and let us know what you think.

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