Halloween can be a night for teens to get into some trouble. It is almost expected, but for grown adults to go around and cause some trouble, it is a little ridiculous. In this video it appears two grown adults literally steal the Halloween candy off the porch of this woman and throw it all along her driveway.

You can hear them actually saying things like, "Is she in there? Is she in there? Yea, she is in there?" It almost appears to be targeted but the woman who provided the video to me said she does not recognize them in the slightest. At first, I thought the person in the blue jersey was a teenager, the person who provided the video believes it may be a woman. It is kind of hard to tell. They knew what they were doing though.

If you listen closely you can hear them laughing and giggling as the container of candy hits the ground. The incident occurred on Halloween night near the Mormon Temple. The two are arguing about whether she saw them or not. I am not sure what the point of this was but it is kind of disheartening.

Halloween is supposed to be about fun and candy and kids, not vandalism and malicious intent. I know, it is just candy, it isn't like there was a massive amount of damage done but it still is hurtful.

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