It is officially pothole season in Twin Falls. Due to the ice and water and runoff, more and more potholes are surfacing. If you see random cones down the road that don't make sense there is a good chance it is riddled with holes that can destroy your vehicles.

Potholes are something that is going to happen all the time. Especially, after winters like this. These potholes decided to take matters into their own hands and pop up in the middle of winter rather than after.

Washington Street is Riddled with Potholes

Driving down Washington Street heading south towards Swensens, the entire right lane has cones all down it. At first, I thought it was construction but nope, they are protecting vehicles from the multiple and massive potholes along the road

The Intersection of Blue Lakes and Kimberly Road is Rough

There is a huge pothole in the middle of that intersection. I am pretty sure it could be a hot tub for squirrels. Be careful not to hit it once the snow filling it melts.

Lake Madrona Is Not A Place To Vacation With Your Car

There is a pretty big pothole on Madrona Street by those apartment complexes. It looks like a small lake there. Beware.

Believe it or not Manhole Covers Kind of Suck Too

The manhole covers that are around the area get filled with snow and water and it erodes some of the earth around it. They are permanent, hidden, metal potholes that like to sneak up on you.

As the snow melts and the water drains more and more potholes are going to surface. Keep your eyes peeled. They can do some serious damage to your vehicle.

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