The NORAD Santa Tracker is one of my favorite things to share. Santa Claus has departed the North Pole and is making his way around the world to all the good boys and girls. You can track him with your family.

The NORAD Santa Tracker is a family favorite for many. You can get live updates from them and see exactly where Santa is at all times. Technically, you don't get to see the real Santa, you get to track the sleigh. Santa is too busy delivering presents to let everyone know exactly what house he is at all times.

It is also a good way to get the kiddos to go to bed a little bit earlier. They can't be awake when Santa comes or he will skip their house right? At least, that is what I was always told. Every parent's relationship with Santa is a little different though. It is amazing that he can keep everything straight all the time.

Just don't forget to give Santa the Christmas cookies. Santa needs to keep up his figure if he is going to do all that running around.

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