Most days mom are just trying to get through homework packets, laundry, packing lunches, keeping schedule's straight, making dinner, etc. Do we really have time to be competitive with other moms? I would like to think we aren't competitive with other moms but I have been to class parties and witnessed what I like to call, "one uping".

A new survey from Bristol Post, asked people to name the biggest signs of a super competitive mom.  Check out the top 10:

1.  You line up early to get front row seats to the school play.

2.  You try to beat the other parents at family events like three-legged races.

3.  You make sure your kids have the latest gadgets.

4.  You go overboard on presents for your kids' teachers.

5.  You constantly brag about your kids on Facebook.

6.  You always drive the newest car.

7.  You call your kids' teachers by their first names, to show how well you know them.

8.  You make fancy desserts for your kid to pass out on their birthday.

9.  You make ridiculous stuff for bake sales.

10.  You spend weeks making handmade costumes for school plays.