Thousand Springs Resort announced that they have officially closed the pool due to maintenance and upgrades. The pool will reopen quickly though, so no need to fret. The upgrades will be finished quickly.

Thousand Springs Resort Closed Pool

The pool is closed for maintenance. They have repainted the main pool and kiddie pool. They plan on doing some other upgrades as well. The project will modernize the look and keep the pools up and running efficiently. The pools will reopen on Tuesday, October 18th. They do have projects underway for the bathrooms, showers, and dressing stalls as well. The pools will have fish and other aquatic animals painted along the walls.

Hilarious Comments From Visitors

The comments under the Thousand Springs Resort post are hilarious. One person suggested that Ryan Reynolds gets painted on both sides of the pool to encourage people to swim the full length. Unfortunately, that suggestion was caboshed due to distraction concerns. However, I would not be surprised if a stray Ryan Reynolds was painted somewhere in the facility. There were some suggestions of a "Where's Waldo" only "Where's Ryan". I am all for this, where do I sign the petition to make this happen?!

It Will Reopen Soon

In case you didn't see it previously in the story, it will reopen on October 18th. The entire facility is closed right now for safety reasons as they make the upgrades. It is going to be great to see the end result. We are definitely excited for it.

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