On May 20th Twin Falls will experience a partial solar eclipse. Sunday evening, starting at about 6:00pm, the moon will block nearly all of the sun leaving only a thin crescent visible. It should be spectacular!

We spoke with Chris Anderson, from CSI about some of the misconceptions regarding viewing safety.  Here are a few things we learned

This event comes with a warning:  DON'T LOOK AT IT!  At least not without the correct, protective glasses that are made specifially for viewing a solar eclipse.

  • Viweing the elcipse through a camera is NOT safe
  • Squinting your eyes is NOT safe
  • Tanning goggles are NOT safe
  • A welding mask is NOT safe.  In fact - A welding mask can be worse becuase it might make you inclined to ignore your natural instinct to look away.  In other words, you won't necessary feel the damage that's being done before it's too late.  In other words, a welding mask is NOT SAFE.
  • Watching the eclipse through your expensive glasses with special "UV Protection"... NOT SAFE

As of 9am, May 18th... The Herrett Center at CSI had about 200 glasses left for $2 each but we think they'll go fast.  <Update:  As of May 18th, 1130am, they are sold out>

They are going to reserve about 50 for the special vewing party at the Centennial Observatory from 6p-9p.  These will go fast and we have yet to be able to locate a second resource.

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