So the most popular beer to Google in Idaho is honestly shocking; it's Gluten-Free beer. What?!

I feel like the internet is playing a cruel joke. There is no way Idahoans favorite beer is Gluten-Free. Maybe, Idahoans are trying to figure out if it is really a thing? Maybe the people who are moving here from California are trying to find local beers that are gluten-free?

Honestly who knows! Are hipsters starting to take over the area?

There is another study that is redeeming. According to one site, the most purchased beer in Idaho is actually Bud Light, but when asked their favorite beer, Idahoans pick the Double Vision Doppelbock from Grand Teton Brewing Co.

That must be proof that Idahoans just have to Google gluten-free beer rather than prefer to drink it?! Right?!

What is your favorite? Do you agree?

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