The Lewiston Police Department saved Christmas and officially thwarted the Grinch. They caught the entire thing on video. They even had to chase the mean green one down to arrest him.

The Grinch was caught green-handed with stolen gifts and attempted to run. The diligent officers were not having it. So they decided to take matters into their own hands and capture and arrest the Grinch.

Lewiston officer Vanover and Detective Earl chased the Grinch down even though he was pretty slow. The Grinch is used to being sneaky and quiet so he doesn't have a whole lot of speed. I am not sure where his trusty sidekick Max is, maybe back at the cave enjoying some treats trying to get the branch antler off his head. Or maybe the good police officers decided to feed Max some delicious treats in exchange for information about where the Grinch was. After all, Max didn't really want to steal Christmas, he just wanted to spend time with his good pal.

I see the Grinch tried to steal some squishy stuffed animals. If those are the toys I am thinking of, they are pretty expensive and a hot commodity. Those things are hard to find so it is a good thing the police picked him up. At least a couple of kids are going to be happy this Christmas.

You're a mean one Mr. Grinch, we are waiting patiently for your heart to grow three sizes so we can share some holiday cheer with you.

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