There are festivals for everything and they are all pretty fantastic. There are huckleberry festivals, potato festivals, beer festivals, and there is room for all of them. The one that Twin Falls really needs though is Bacon Fest! Who's with me?

Could you imagine how amazing Twin Falls would smell during our very own bacon festival? Smells travel really far here for some reason. I swear you can smell the sugar beet factory from miles and miles away. Let's fill Twin Falls with one of the most delicious smells and foods on the planet.

It could feature all things bacon. Anything that you could possibly imagine, put bacon on it. Compete for the best bacon concoctions, bacon burgers, bacon tacos, bacon fries. The possibilities are endless. We could even try people's recipes for bacon ice cream.

How do we make this movement happen?! Idaho Falls has a bacon festival, Twin Falls needs one that is bigger, better and with more bacon.

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