The snow and ice took over the Magic Valley and most of the state of Idaho for the better part of a week. It continued to come down and pile up, and some mountains will stick around for a bit. While it was fun to play in, and frustrating to drive on, much of it is beginning to melt, as temperatures have gotten above freezing, and some grass and concrete are being seen once more. With so much snow accumulating in such a short time, and it beginning to melt so quickly, many are concerned about possible flooding. The concern of flooding and runoff from the melting snow is valid, but it might not be the biggest concern you should have over the next few days.

Biggest Concern with Melting Snow

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With how much snow is melting and at the pace it is doing so, there are a few things to be worried about. Flooding and where all the water will run off to is a big one. The drains will back up, and not all the snow and ice will melt as fast as other parts. It could block and back up certain areas, allowing no runoff at all. The roads will get better and better as more snow melts, but it will cause slush in the road which can be hard to navigate at times and still cause some sliding. That snowman and igloo your children worked so hard on will be going away by the hour, and consoling them will be a priority. While all of these are things to think about, the real issue with the snow melting is how much your pet's business built up over the storm, and your yard now is a minefield sitting and waiting.  

Picking Up Pet Poop After Snow Storm

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The last week and a half has seen cold temperatures, ice, and plenty of snow, making it nearly impossible to pick up after your pets. There is likely plenty of business that got buried, frozen, and stuck to the ground. With the temperatures rising above freezing and the snow quickly going away, all of their presents are popping up once again, and they are soft and wet. With so much time having passed since many last picked up after their fur babies, it is likely there is a ton scattered through the yard, making it tough to navigate without stepping in one. The more pets and the bigger the pets, the more there is to pick up. While putting the chore off was nice for a bit, it is time to get out and pick it up, before it ends up on your shoe or your yard smelling worse than a dump. 

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It may not be a concern for some, but for those with kids, those taking out the trash through the backyard, or those with multiple pets, this concern is real, and a task that will not be fun. What normally can be done in a few minutes, will take a little longer as it piled up throughout the last week or two. It's a tough job, but it's the price of having pets in Idaho. Get out there and start scooping, cause the longer you wait, the more they will add to it.

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