I am the first person to admit that I love giving my dogs table scraps. They have come to know they get whatever is left on my plate when I am done eating. But there are some scraps off the Thanksgiving table you shouldn't share with your furry best friend.

I think everyone should enjoy Thanksgiving including the four legged friends that have become part of the family. However, keep in mind not all people food is suitable and can even be dangerous to dogs. Keep these scraps in the garbage and not accessible.


  • 1

    Parts of the turkey

    If you must give your doggo turkey keep it white meat. Avoid giving them the skin and fatty parts of the turkey.

  • 2


    Sure when you think of dogs you think of them gnawing on bones. Poultry bones are a big no no for dogs. They can splinter and get stuck and cause major damage to the dogs intestines and stomach.

  • 3

    Gravy And Trimmings

    I have totally given my dogs gravy before and it was not pretty. Things like gravy, bacon and turkey drippings can really mess up a pups tummy.

  • 4

    Stuffing and Dressing

    Well, this is one of my favorite things I am not sharing this anyway.

  • 5


    Onions can be really harmful for dogs. If there is onion in something, don't let them eat it.

  • 6

    Grapes and Raisins

    These are poisonous to dogs. They can cause kidney failure.

  • 7


    I have a feeling this one is a no brainer. Most people know that chocolate is bad for dogs. Just in case you didn't know, you do now.

  • 8


    Keep the alcohol for the adults in the room.

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