Welcome to the new 2013 edition of Terry's Top 10 iPhone Apps!

Apple's iPhone is a great smartphone, but it's the apps that make it truly amazing. It's true that you can find an app to make your iPhone do just about anything. So if you're playing with a shiny new iPhone, or an experienced user looking for something new, here are Terry's Top 10 must have apps for the iPhone.

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    Oohh... a note taking app... I know it sounds dull, but Evernote is great. Like Dropbox, you can sync your notes to multiple devices and onto a desktop client as well. Evernote can even install into Microsoft Outlook allowing you to send emails or meetings to Evernote to be shared. I use Evernote daily at work for my To Dos, and at home for grocery lists, and honey-dos.

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    With this handy little app you can listen to 95.7 KEZJ wherever you are, get the latest local news, and weather for free! And if you download this app I get to keep my job as Digital managing Editor. Thanks!

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    Check - Bills & Money


    Check, formerly Pageonce, is a great little app for keeping track of all of your accounts. I love being able to add multiple accounts into the app and seeing my rolling grand total. It's pretty versatile too. Check is a great little addition to any iPhone.

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    Google Maps


    Google Maps is still the defacto king of maps. Apple tried to introduce its own map app which unfortunately failed miserably. Luckily Google made a new app and its everything about maps, directions, and turn by turn navigation that we know and love.

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    Pulse is the be all and end all of news aggregator. Simply add your favorite web sites and RSS feeds, and Pulse will present them in one easy to read list. With Pulse I can scan through multiple sites, which I have arranged by topic, at one time making it much easier and time effective to digest the day's news.

  • 5

    AccuWeather - Weather for Life


    I'm obsessed with the weather, and Accuweather feeds my habit. This beautiful app is literally stuffed with so much weather data that it's hard to navigate sometimes. If you're looking for the perfect weather app, look no further than Accuweather.

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    I absolutely love Timehop. Ever wonder what you were doing a year ago today? How about two years ago? Or Five years ago? Connect your social media accounts to Timehop and you'll be presented with a "This day in history" look at your life.

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    It seems like everyone is talking about "the cloud" lately, but what is it? Basically the cloud is remote storage space. Of all the cloud services--and I've tried them all--Dropbox is the best. You can sync over multiple devices and on your desktop as well. Dropbox also offers an automatic camera upload that grabs your iPhone's camera roll. Dropbox is free and gives you 2gb of space to start with.

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    Despite being owned by Facebook, Instagram is a really good camera app. You can take pictures with it, or import the ones from your camera roll, add cool filters, and share the image over multiple social networks. Instagram is definitely a must own app for sharing photos to friends, family, and social media.

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    This is still my number one app. Apple's Camera app is nice, but Camera+ is superior in every way. Most importantly: Camera+ is fast. You can keep hitting the shutter button and keep snapping pic after pic after pic. Camera+ also has a great light table feature that allows you to skim through your photos to decide if you want to keep or delete them, and a great selection of built-in filters.