The 10 Best 'Useless Information' Facts
Most of us have a friend that knows everything. It doesn't matter the topic - they know everything...and not in a know-it-all way, they are just full of information. Maybe you can gain the upper hand with the 10 best 'useless information' facts below.
Finally a Website That Is Going To Make Me Smarter
I was killing some brain cells last night by watching Storage Wars with my husband and I saw a TV commercial that apparently improves your brain. Basically you go to a website that offers activities that improve your brain. It's like PBS kids or starfalls for adults...
Would You Rather Be Smart Or Funny? [POLL]
We all strive to better ourselves throughout our lives. Some people strive to be beautiful, smart or funny. Often times if you are beautiful it can bring happiness and money into your life. If you are smart it will definitely bring more money into your life and if you are funny your overall hap…
Just How Smart is Your Dog?
Your dog could be a lot smarter than you realize.  Maybe you should've read to him or taken him to the symphony... instead of pretending to throw the ball but just hiding it behind your back.
According to a study from the University of Florida reported on CBS 3 - Springfield, Massachusetts,…
Eight Signs Your Child Might Be Gifted
I like to think that my boys are special, well...special to me at least. If you think your child is above average or "really" special here are eight signs from that your child is ACTUALLY gifted.
#1.)  They Retain Information. The term "in one ear and out the other" a…
Beautiful People Have Higher IQs Than Us Too?
Did the handsome and beautiful people REALLY need ANOTHER thing to make their lives so much easier than the rest of us?
According to a study at the London School of Economics, beautiful people aren't just more attractive than the rest of us . . . they also usually have higher IQs.