Did the handsome and beautiful people REALLY need ANOTHER thing to make their lives so much easier than the rest of us?

According to a study at the London School of Economics, beautiful people aren't just more attractive than the rest of us . . . they also usually have higher IQs.

The study found that attractive men have IQs about 13.6 points above average, and attractive women are 11.4 points higher.

Satoshi Kanazawa led the study.  Quote, "Since intelligent men are more inclined to achieve more success, they're more likely to marry beautiful women.  Both intelligence and physical attractiveness are highly heritable."

That means that, over time, smart and beautiful people have kept gravitating toward each other . . . and producing smart, beautiful children.

Keep in mind that this isn't always true. Look at Jessica Simpson...really pretty but not a lot going on upstairs.