I like to think that my boys are special, well...special to me at least. If you think your child is above average or "really" special here are eight signs from LilSugar.com that your child is ACTUALLY gifted.

#1.)  They Retain Information. The term "in one ear and out the other" applies for most kids.  But gifted children can usually retain a diverse range of information, and remember it later.

Here's an example given by the National Association of Gifted Children.  They say, quote, "One six-year-old returned from a trip to the space museum and reproduced an accurate drawing of a space rocket he had seen."

#2.)  They're Interested in Different Topics. Gifted kids tend to be fascinated by a variety of things.  They might like dinosaurs one month, space the next, and so on.

#3.)  They Read and Write Early. Some gifted kids start learning to read and write before they've had any formal teaching from their parents or teachers.

#4.)  They Show Musical or Artistic Talent. Young kids who seem bizarrely talented at music or art are usually considered gifted.  For example, having perfect pitch or being able draw realistic pictures at a young age are two signs.

#5.)  They Show Periods of Intense Concentration. Most kids have short attention spans.  But gifted kids can zone in on things for hours . . . and watching TV doesn't count.

#6.)  They Have a Good Memory. A gifted two-year-old might be able to remember things from when he was 18 months old, and bring them up without being prompted.

#7.)  They Have an Advanced Vocabulary. If a child starts speaking early, it's not necessarily a sign they're gifted.  But if they start forming full sentences at an early age, it is.  For example, the average two-year-old might say, "There's a doggie."

And a gifted two-year-old might say, "There's a brown doggie in the backyard, and he's sniffing our flower."

#8.)  They Pay Close Attention to Details. If it's a young child, he might be able to put toys away exactly where he got them.  If it's an older child, you might notice him asking specific questions about how certain things work.