When it comes to where a person lives, many things are taken into account. Many people want an affordable place, a good job market, and a good educational system for their kids, and one of the most important aspects of where you live is feeling safe. If you don't feel safe, then life will be stressful, and feeling like your family members are in danger is not a way to go through life. Some places are known to be more unsafe than others, and some are known to see little crime. When it comes to cities in the United States which are the safest and which are more dangerous, and how do cities in Idaho compare?

The Safest and Dangerous Cities in the United States

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When it comes to living in a safe city, there are a few things that need to be taken into account. A list recently released by WalletHub ranked the safest cities in the United States and used categories such as financial safety, home and community safety, and natural disaster risk. By using these categories, it was determined that Columbia, Maryland is the safest city in the United States, followed by Nashua, New Hampshire, and Laredo, Texas to make up the top three. Columbia is number one in home and community safety, with Juneau, Alaska number one in financial safety, and Dover, Delaware number one in natural disaster risk. Out of 182 cities, it was determined that St Louis, Missouri is the most dangerous city in the country, just a tad more dangerous than Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and San Bernardino, California rounding out the bottom three.

Is Boise a Safe or Dangerous Place to Live?

Credit: Click Sluice on Unsplash
Credit: Click Sluice on Unsplash

No city in Idaho made the top twenty on the list, which is a tad concerning, but Boise did come in at 21. Boise ranks 38 in home and community safety, 23 in financial safety, and 71 in natural disaster risk. If you ask what natural disasters happen in Boise, odds are the snow in the winter, and the high winds in the area typically would account for a higher ranking. Boise is not the only Idaho city on the list though, as Nampa came in at 47, giving Idaho two cities in the top 50 safest in the country. Nampa ranked 66 in home and community safety, 71 in financial safety, and surprisingly, beat Boise coming in at 49 in natural disaster risk. 

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While neither Idaho city is among the top ten or twenty safest, having two cities in the top 50 is not a bad way to go. If you would like to see the full list broken down, make sure to click on the link above. If you are contemplating moving out of Idaho anytime soon, take a second to reconsider and look at this list. You may be moving to a place much more dangerous than where you already are. Rest easy knowing you live in a place that is much safer than most of the country. 

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