We are so excited that this music festival is not cancelled. If you are planning on going this year there are a few things you should probably know. Especially if this is your first year attending or your first year camping.

If this is your first year attending the event, congrats. It is a blast every year and family friendly. Some things you definitely want to make sure you have are:

  • sunscreen - it is likely going to be hot. Make sure you protect yourself.
  • Chairs - you can bring your own lawn chairs and you definitely want to. The bleachers are available at the rear of the event but if you want to save a spot and have a guaranteed place to sit, bring a chair.
  • extra clothing for weather changes - it's Idaho, things change so quickly here. It could be hot one second and the sun goes down and it is freezing. Just be prepared for any weather.
  • cash - you are going to want to purchase CDs, gear, food and other swag and cash is easiest. You never know if someone is going to be able to take a card.
  • Bring a small bag, a place to stash all your goodies. Nothing too big though.

Other things to note:

  • You CANNOT bring outside food or drink into the venue. If you are camping you can leave it at your camp site.
  • You cannot bring large bags or coolers
  • DO NOT bring an umbrella, sorry they aren't allowed.
  • No weapons and no animals
  • There is an ATM onsite
  • Kids 12 and under are FREE with a paying adult.

For more information checkout the website.

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