Schools refuse to take our kids during the summertime . . . which is why we had to invent summer camp.  But there's no reason why kids should get to have all the fun.   Here are eight summer camps from Time Newsfeed for adults.

Club Getaway:  It's just like your kids' camp . . . except the cabins have A/C, the cafeteria is catered, and there's alcohol.  It costs $289 to $469 for a weekend.

Chef Camp:  The Culinary Institute of America has two-to-five-day camps to teach you how to cook gourmet foods.  It'll run you $895 to $2,195, plus extra for cooking tools.

Grape Camp:  Probably more accurately described as "Wine Drinking Camp" at a Sonoma winery.  Costs $1,850 to $2,000 for a 3-day camp.

Gladiator Camp:  For $700 you dress in tunics and leather and fight it out with tridents and nets.  And it's in nearby San Francisco.  Just kidding, it's in Rome.

Extreme SEAL Experience:  Sniper class, Hell night, and a taste of what boot camp is like.  $1,890 for one week, $3,590 for two.

Surf Camp:  Depending on your experience level, you can do a week at beaches in North Carolina, the British Virgin Islands, or Costa Rica.  Costs $1,895 to $2,395.

Golf Academy:  Study for anywhere from a half day to five days with Arnold Palmer's former agency.  Costs between $270 and $2,505.

Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp:  Join a band for a weekend and perform at the Playboy Mansion.  Costs between $2,999 and $7,999.



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