One year has ended and another has begun. Goodbye to 2023, and hello 2024. When a new year begins, it is common for many to set goals and use the new year as a reset button in life. It is time to forget the mistakes in the past and focus on a new beginning and the good that the new year brings. Many do this by making New Year resolutions. Often these are simple things like ending bad habits, creating a better living environment, and trying to better yourself as a whole. While setting resolutions is great, keeping them is tough, but there is a way to stay accountable and help a good cause in 2024.

How to Succeed with New Year Resolutions

Credit: LDProd
Credit: LDProd

Setting a resolution is easy, but seeing it through for 12 months is not. Many will try, but will fall short within the first few days, perhaps weeks, and or might make it a couple of months before giving up. Is there a way to help succeed? How about betting on yourself? This is a great way to push yourself and to hold yourself accountable, with consequences if you falter. So many things such as one bad meal, one slip of falling back into the habit, or one skipped day at the gym count as failing, but what if you decide to punish yourself? Each time you eat a bad meal, skip the gym, have a smoke, or a drink, or fail for a day on your resolution, pay up. Force yourself to have an accountability jar, where you put $5 or $10 every time you fail. Don't make it too cheap to make it easier to mess up, but don't break the bank either. This way you continue to try again after you have a misstep. 

How to Manage an Accountability Jar

Credit: Indysystem
Credit: Indysystem

The purpose of an accountability jar is to have some consequences if you falter in your quest to accomplish your resolutions. One of the major reasons that people fail at resolutions, is because there are no consequences or accountability. They have set the goal and only have themselves and their motivation to succeed. Putting the money away will make someone push themselves harder and motivate them more. What does one do with the money at the end of the year though? To make sure the money isn't wasted, how about donating it to a good cause? Give it to a local charity, use it to buy supplies for students in need or animals in need, or donate it to church. Find something good to give the money to, it will help motivate for resolutions and do a good deed at the same time. 

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We are only a few days into the new year, and some might be finding it hard to start their resolutions or to continue them on already. Find a way to hold yourself accountable and if you decide to charge yourself for your failures, find something good to do with the money, so your mess-ups don't go completely wasted. Good luck, only 12 months to go in your resolutions.

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