If you own a cell phone, it has happened to you. A text arrives when you can’t answer it. You promise you’ll get to it right after you finish what you’re doing. You’ll catch up with your sister after work. You know you’ll remember to answer your mom after you finish your meeting with the principal at the kids’ school.

Whatever the excuse you give yourself, the messages never get answered.

Unread Email, Sure. But Who Leaves Unread Text Messages?


We know how bad it is not to return a message. We expect others to return the sentiment in kind. It doesn’t have to be answered immediately, but you should respond to a text if it warrants a response. Not everyone has that message etiquette. California is listed as the worst at reading text messages while neighbor Gem State Idaho is in the top 5 best at it.

Most and Least unread text messages
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Idaho Gets a Text Message and Responds. What Other States Can Say the Same?

Consider this, California is in the top 5 states least likely to take a tech break, but is the most likely to not answer a text. Is it so hard to put down Farmville or Candy Crush to answer a text from your friend who wants to go out to lunch? That’s not something that can wait forever. Just answer yes or no.

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The only thing worse than not answering a text is beginning to answer, and then closing the text. You’ve then let the person waiting for an answer see the little answer dots only to be disappointed when the answer bubble disappears. Did you get abducted by aliens? Is there a tornado warning in your area? Why did you start to answer, then stop? Wowch.

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