With so many local sightings of UFOs, it is surprising that Twin Falls doesn’t have any parades, rallies, speeches, or city government days off to commemorate such an auspicious occasion as Star Trek Day. September 8th will forever live in infamy because in 1966 ‘The Man Trap’ aired and forever changed the world with its humble beginnings.

Star Trek is far more than just an opportunity for nerds to unite in the solidarity of costuming. It is a time to honor Gene Roddenberry and his utopian vision of the future. Though, there is a drastic difference in technology and ideals between the original Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation, the idea of a united galaxy and the elimination of poverty and hunger is pretty cool.

How to Assimilate Seamlessly into Star Trek Day 2023

If you don’t own your Star Trek uniform or themed graphic t-shirt already, it may be too late even with express shipping. Costume stores may have something that will work. The homemade red shirt and Star Trek pin, cardboard Vulcan ears, metallic face paint, or Borg black tubing may have to be the last-ditch option.

Don’t let the opportunity to party pass you by. Do as our office manager does and find any excuse to break out the games and door prizes. Tossing tribbles is always popular or ‘Name That Star Trek Sound’ can get plenty of time spent in camaraderie with your fellow Trekkies.

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Even if you (I don’t know how this could possibly happen) aren’t familiar with the Star Trek genre, learn the Vulcan greeting and you will be welcomed. When a person says ‘Live long and prosper’, reply with ‘Peace and long life’, and you will be accepted into the inner sanctum of the cool kids' table in the breakroom. Drink the Romulan Ale, man. Accept the inevitable.

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