Happy Spring! Sure the weather is unpredictable and honestly, that is just Southern Idaho. What you can count on though, is being able to kayak at Centennial Waterfront Park.

AWOL Adventure Sports offers kayak rentals and more every year down at Centennial Waterfront Park. Well, this year they are starting to offer their rentals on April 13th. But they also offer paddle boards, which I personally haven't had the chance to try yet.

Seriously one of the best things to do is kayak the Snake River in the spring and summer time. However, they show that there are a ton of options to explore:

The first major outdoor purchase I made when I moved to Idaho was kayaks and they have not disappointed. If you don't own one, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to be able to rent them. I hear they book up rentals pretty quickly.

Where is your favorite place to kayak? Do you prefer paddle boards, kayaks or canoes?

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