After an hour and a half of public comment and nearly 45 minutes of discussion by the board, the South Central Public Health Board of Health has voted to not enforce a mask mandate that would cover 8 counties.

Originally, Brent Reinke and Robert Kunau made motions to table the mandates indefinitely and/or until mid January. Those were voted down so the board was forced to vote on the mandate.

The Blaine County board member motioned in the "B" motion with more exemptions listed. Those who were in favor of the mask mandate were:

Blaine County: Angenie McCleary

Camas County: Pamela Jones

Minidoka County: Tracy Haskin

Medical Professional: Dr. Davis


Those who opposed were:

Cassia County: Robert Kunau

Gooding County: Helen Edwards

Jerome County: Linda Montgomery

Lincoln County: Roy Hubert

Twin Falls County: Brent Reinke


The big concern stated by most of those who voted against were liberties and enforceability. Having over crowded jails was a big concern and if it was not enforced they considered it a "strongly worded mandate".

Those who voted for were concerned for first responders, nurses, doctors and hospital staff. They were concerned for the resources and afraid hospitals would be overrun.

There is no indication at this time if there will be another discussion on a mask mandate in the future,

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Anti Mask Demonstration

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