Idaho loves to fly under the radar. We are a bit territorial. Visitors are welcome, but not to stay. Acceptance into the state populace is challenging and extensive. Once a transplant has become one of ‘us’, there are certain social conventions one must abide by.

How does a newcomer learn the intricacies and nuances of becoming a sanctioned Idahoan? Perhaps it is best learned through song. Music is a great way to help new people pay attention and remember details about being an Idahoan. There are a few songs that impart such learning.

What Songs Can Help People Learn About Idaho?

Thom Shepherd wrote ‘Redneck Yacht Club’ sung by Craig Morgan. While that song is fun and catchy, it is not necessarily about Idaho. Thom has a home in Sandpoint and has composed an anthem to Idaho. Seeing as he has residency here, Idaho will accept this song as appropriate propaganda.

If one is desperate to learn about the Gem State, but not up on reading, there is another other musical learning tool a person could consider.

Our state Capital has a few mentions, but there is a song by Jewel that can assist in pronunciation.

If one is trying to impart wisdom to a child in learning about Idaho, there is an obscure but relevant reference.

Finding musical auditory guides to Idaho can be a bit difficult, though, with the assistance of the internet, it is much more possible. 782 songs contain ‘Idaho’ in the lyrics, with Boise being included in 217. This may seem like plenty, but Utah has 833. Idaho did manage to beat out Wyoming at 435.

If trying to deter persons from considering a move to Idaho, don’t tell your friends.

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