Yes, you read the headline correctly. It appears that someone legitimately wrote on the back of my delicious looking M&M cookie. 

Here at the office there is always something to celebrate. Cookies, candy, breads, whatever you can think of is almost always close at hand. This time, we were celebrating a coworkers birthday and these delicious large M&M cookies were on the table.

I have no idea what possessed me to turn the cookie around (maybe the guilt that I knew it wasn't part of my diet) but I did and saw that someone had written in what appears to be sharpie on the cookie!

The best thing I could come up with is the baker of said cookie took the warm deliciousness out of the oven and set them on bakers wrap that had M&M labeled on it, then probably set the warm cookie on the bakers wrap and the cookie absorbed the marker.

This is just my guess. If you look carefully it shows that the M&M is backwards on it. That shows that it was set on something that had M&M written on it and it was transferred to the back of the cookie. Sure, a little sharpie ink on a cookie never hurt anyone, I think. I just was shocked. I had never heard anything like this before.

Regardless of the small error on the cookie, yes I did in fact still eat it. I ate several others out of the same box as well. They were delicious. Couldn't taste the sharpie flavor at all.

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