It's one thing to care about the environment . . . to recycle, to avoid littering, to keep your thermostat at a reasonable level, to avoid dumping your barrels full of toxic chemicals at playgrounds.  But you CAN take it too far.

According to a new survey from for Earth Day . . . which is this Sunday . . . 64% of Americans say they believe there's such a thing as being "TOO GREEN."  Here's what they mean . . .

72% say it's "too green" to rarely take showers because you don't want to waste water.

68% say it's "too green" to dig through dumpsters for clothes or FOOD.

53% say it's "too green" to reuse dirty Ziploc bags.

And 52% say it's "too green" to wear dirty clothes over and over so you don't have to use energy on laundry.  

The only thing I agree with on this list is reusing dirty Ziploc Bags. They can be washed and reused as long as nothing really disgusting was in them.


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