Boise GreenBike
If you love to commute with a bicycle, but don't want to buy and maintain a bicycle you will be happy to know that Boise GreenBikes are in downtown Boise.
St Patrick's Day Downtown
Most of the St Patricks day activities took place on Saturday in downtown Twin Falls but most restaurants will be celebrating today as well.
How Gross is This?
It's grass cutting time! I will be the first person to admit that I don't always have the best ideas. Yesterday I mowed our brand new 24,000 square foot yard. I learned a lot!
#1 You should not mow for 3 hours in flip flops.
#2 Weeds don't mow the same way grass does...
How To Squeeze Out Every Last Ounce of Soap
I went to wash my hands in the company bathroom and found two 'mostly empty' containers of soft soap.  I couldn't get either one to draw soap but I could see that there was a small amount in the bottom of each.
Naturally, I combined the two containers so we now have enough in the …
Two Women Got into a Brawl over Littering on Earth Day
I just don't think it's in the spirit of Earth Day to fight someone for not being green.  And that's exactly what happened this year.
According to Muncie Star-Press on Sunday, which was Earth Day, 44-year-old Andrea Jane Ginther of Indianapolis was driving through Muncie, Indiana …
Some People Skip Showers In Order To “Be Green”
It's one thing to care about the environment . . . to recycle, to avoid littering, to keep your thermostat at a reasonable level, to avoid dumping your barrels full of toxic chemicals at playgrounds.  But you CAN take it too far.
Who Wants a FREE Car?
Rob Green Auto Group will be at the Magic Valley Mall for thier Giant Tent Event this weekend. 
If you're at least 18, bring your ID, take a test drive and be entered to win a 2001 Buick Regal!  Ask at the tent for details.
Bonus Code?  I'll have one.  Look for the KEZJ T…
Jeff Green’s Dunk Blocked by His Own Head [VIDEO]
The Boston Celtic faithful were none too pleased when the team traded for forward Jeff Green earlier this season.
This wasn't so much of a reflection on Green; he's a perfectly adequate NBA role player. Instead, Celtic nation was bummed that the price for acquiring Green included popular ce…