Many people are haunted by their time spent sitting at a school desk filling page after page with notes, but these types of hauntings were inspired by boredom and a sense of confinement. An educational institute northeast of Twin Falls is said to be haunted by something else entirely.

I graduated from college in 2005, so I've put some major time in seated at classroom desks in my days. From time to time, we hear about campuses that have alleged ghost sightings. Years ago, some might recall the story about Pocatello High School's security cameras picking up images that many believed were made by an apparition.

I'm the kind of person who has to see something to believe it. So, my first reaction to hearing about a location being visited by dead people is one of extreme disbelief. I think most of us would like to believe in the wandering souls of the deceased, but until we witness it for ourselves, the idea remains hard to fathom.

The school formerly known as Rick's College (now BYU-Idaho) in Rexburg is said to be visited by a student that was murdered on-campus decades ago. Apparently, numerous reports have surfaced over the years by pupils attending the school. This female figure is reportedly seen in the same area, near the Hart Auditorium, according to the school's website and videos I came across.

In the paranormal world, some do believe that when a person meets a violent end their spirit is left behind like some sort of remnant of life. I've never visited the campus, but the next time I drive through Rexburg, these reports will probably come to mind.

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