This report surprised me. No offense to the internet providers in the Magic Valley, but speed is not the word that comes to mind when I think of our service in these parts. It appears that my perception is wrong since two of the Idaho counties with the fastest internet are apparently us.

PC Pitstop came up with this fancy map you see above. They came up with the average download speed for each county in the US. When it comes to Idaho, Twin Falls and Jerome counties are ranked among the top 10 fastest in the state. That's why we're green on the map.

The way that PC Pitstop made this ranking is interesting. They averaged the download speed from each internet provider in the county, then ranked the counties based on that average.

I understand their methodology, but it's also a little misleading in my not-so-humble opinion. For example, Jerome county is ranked higher than Twin Falls county, but they also have less internet providers. That means their average is only based on a grand total of 5 providers compared with 9 for Twin Falls. Even though only a few people may use that slowest provider, the entire area is brought down by that slow speed even though it affects fewer people.

I also would like to point out that I'm not endorsing PC Pitstop or their services. I am a certified computer tech and tend to be highly suspicious of any company that promises to "optimize" your computer. Not dissing PC Pitstop. They may be great. But, there are some other more illegitimate companies that pretend to "help your computer", when they're really delivering a heaping helping of spyware. Whatever you do, please do your own research and make sure you're dealing with a real tech company before running a scan.

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