About once a month I'll go through social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to see what people have been posting about in Twin Falls. Usually these social sites are full of pictures of the Perrine Bridge, Shoshone Falls, Snake River Canyon, and other cool locations around town. That isn't the case for January though. A scroll through Twitter only shows job openings in Twin Falls. There are no recent pictures from vacations or residents tagged with #TwinFalls. That seems sad.

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Maybe there really isn't a lot happening around town or maybe people just stopped using hashtags as a New Year resolution? Whatever the case there is definitely something different happening on social media now than during the holiday and summer seasons. Even in the cold month of November there were numerous posts from people exploring Twin Falls' attractions. Obviously the number of pictures and posts were way up in the summer months as people hike, kayak, fish, and BASE jump more often. January is just a stay at home and not post anything month, it looks like.

I'm actually surprised there weren't at least a few political posts tagged from Twin Falls. I'm also thinking that maybe it's better that there weren't. Whatever it is you are doing with your time, enjoy it and be safe.

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